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General price $ 8,000.0
After-tax Price: $ 8,400.0
Innovative Independent Double-sided Display Board
Fit for non-fixed place of the meetings and the provisional lectures
Whole Size:W60cm * D50cm * H162cm
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    Panel Material:Magnetic whiteboards, fabrics

    Panel Size:W60cm * L90cm

    Whole Size:W60cm * D50cm * H162cm

    Product Characteristic

    Original mount mode for hook it above and clamp it below
    Panel mount simple, safe, secure and not hook off

    Mount mode for hook it above
    Mount mode for clamp it below

    New double thick sticks base
    When the display board be moved, it can avoid the panel easy to separate with the braces and it can avoid causing the disintegration trouble just like off the hook.

    It has double thick sticks in the base, and it's very strong and durable.
    It can be stacked and doesn't take up space.

    Waterproof plastic base and plastic weight
    Completely moisture-proof, waterproof, doesn't rust for a long time absolutely and maintain the floor light, clear.

    Waterproof plastic steel base
    Waterproof plastic weight
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